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[Udemy] Learn how to draw step by step. Art and Creativity, 2015, ESP

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1. Dr.Vatson
  1. Dr.Vatson Организатор складчин

    [Udemy] Learn how to draw step by step. Art and Creativity, 2015, ESP

    Artistic drawing course addressed to everyone who wants to learn how to draw, it is for everyone. From Art students ( Fine Arts, Architecture, Art workshops or schools) to beginners. Everyone can learn following the method created by Dr. Antonio García Villarán, Director and Professor in CREA 13. With simple activities you will educate your vision to achieve your goal. In this course, you will learn new and fun drawing techniques. The course contains more than two hours of lectures apart from original teaching material. If you fulfill the course goals I guarantee that you will learn how to draw what you see in a 3-6 months period. The course program consists in doing the activities suggested until you master them. If you want to learn how to draw, welcome!
    01. Drawing course for beginners
    02. 'The realistic measles'
    04. Line and signature
    05. Creativity test
    06. Doodling and mirror drawing
    07. Agility while drawing
    08. Continuous line
    10. Drawing with objects
    11. Negative space
    12. Structure and wrinkle
    13. Drawing letters
    14. Without looking at the paper
    15. Modular drawing
    16. Memory
    17. Inverted drawing
    18. Fitting and proportion
    19. Drawing Paper Toys
    20. The transparent window
    21. Enlargement or expansion of objects
    22. Organic drawing
    23. The grayscale
    24. Drawing textures
    25. From black to white
    26. Macarma
    Объем: 2,59Гб
    Курс на испанском языке (не на английском)
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